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Published Stories


Moss Piglet December 2021 issue "Okay, Fine"

Lou Lit Review Volume 2 "These Things Happen"

The Grief Diaries 1/20 "Nothing Left"

*82 Review Issue 6.1 "Eat the Sun" (Nominated for Best Microfiction 2018) and "Want Some More" (Nominated for Best Small Fictions 2019)

Rabid Oak Issue 4 "Some Misunderstanding"

Concis 7/16 "Monsters" (Pushcart nomination)

Eunoia Review 9/14 "Firefly"

Speaking of Our Words 8/14 "Fred"

Vine Leaves Literary Journal 7/14 "It Used to be My Favourite Thing"

Dogzplot 12/13 "Between the Cages"

Metazen 8/13 "Conviction"

Prime Number Magazine 8/13 "In the Morning I Go Home"

Big Bridge 6/13 "Little Bird"

Metazen 6/13 "5 Days in Mississippi"

Blackheart Magazine 6/13 "Signs"

Straylight 5/13 "Fred"

SmokeLong Quarterly 3/13 "This Guy's Biggest Problem" and Interview w/Isaac Boone Davis

(Short) Fiction Collective 9/12 "Isn't It That I've Just Been Human"



The Write Launch 2/2019 "I Was Nineteen"

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