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Freelance Genealogy

I am currently availablefor the following services: online genealogical research, genetic genealogy, family tree building, and writing family history narratives. 

Fees for these services range from $30-45 per hour, or approximately $300- $1,500 per project. 

Volunteer Genetic Genealogy

This free service is available to any adult who does not know the identity of one or both of their biological parents.

The only requirements are:

        You have the results of an DNA Test.

        I can access the results of your DNA test.

        I do not need your account login information.

Currently, I am not offering this service at no cost for grandparent searches, unless you have access to their child's DNA. For example, if you do not know the identity of your grandparents, but you have access to the DNA results of your parent, aunt, or uncle, I may consider your case. 

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