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My critiques are based on personal experiences with literature, knowledge of the craft, and, to an extent, intuition. If you have a story, novella or novel that's been rejected multiple times, or just isn't working, a critique can help you get a clear idea on how to improve your manuscript.





What is a fiction critique?



At it's most basic a critique is an opinion. My opinion is the same as any other, in that you may agree or disagree with it. The difference here is that you are paying for my opinion. This is something you should be comfortable with before contracting this service.


Do you critique every manuscript submitted?


Submitting your manuscript does not guarantee a critique. If I feel your money would be better spent on writing classes or books on writing craft, I may refer you to these resources. Please do not submit your work before completing the steps below.

Does the critique include editing services?


While your critique may include some notation of issues with grammar and mechanics, editing services are separate from critiques. Please visit the Editing Page for information and pricing.

How much does a fiction critique cost?


A summarized critique includes a completed checklist indicating how I felt your story handled the basic elements of fiction, and a brief note which may include suggestions on how to improve your piece.

The cost for a summarized critique is $10 for the first 1,000 words and $2 for every 300 words thereafter. The minimum cost is $10.

A detailed critique includes comments within the manuscript, a completed elements of fiction checklist, one or more pages of suggestions and/or recommendations for your piece and an email consultation.

The cost for a deatail critique is $15 for the first 1,000 words and $3 for every 300 words thereafter.

The minimum cost is $15.


Ready for your critique? Follow the steps below to get started.

Before I start, I'd like to know a little about you, your reading interests, writing style and goals for the manuscript you would like critiqued. 

Please complete a Pre-Critique Questionaire before you contact me for services. Do not submit your manuscript at this time.

Once I have received your Pre-Critique Questionaire, I will request your manuscript. If I decide that I will do a critique, I will provide you with a price quote and estimated time of completion. I will begin critiquing your manuscript once payment has been received.

Please format your manuscript as follows:

1-inch margins

12-point, Courier New font

Double-spaced lines

One space after sentences

Indent paragraphs 3 spaces

New chapters begin on a new page


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